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Add Timeless Elegance with Res

Published:2011/3/11 10:24:25    |    Hits:756  |  Back

People emigrating from Europe first introduced resin wicker furniture to American during the Victorian era. It was believed to be "more sanitary" than upholstered furniture and was very popular because of its smooth surfaces and clean lines

Quality outdoor wicker furniture must be weather resistant. Now with new modern resins and plastics, look for wicker furniture that has been specially treated with molded resin or coated with plastic. This way you will know it can holdup to the stresses of hot sun, dirt, sand and rain.

Easy to take care of, lightweight and durable, resin wicker outdoor furniture really is a class of its own.

Outdoor wicker furniture that is resin always looks clean and new. Now easier to take care of than ever before, you simply wash with a hose and a little soapy water.

Choose a variety of wicker outdoor furniture from end tables, coffee tables, wicker armchair, a wicker rocker and no patio set is complete without a wicker swing! It is also ideal for those who are looking for easy maintenance and storage. Beauty without the work.

A tip when purchasing your wicker furniture: better quality resin wicker furniture won't crack or peel. It is smooth and comfortable. Lesser quality wicker will be evident by the unfinished ends and stray fibers that will scratch your skin or pull at your delicate clothes. Never popular with the guests!